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BEWARE! THIS ONE CHEESEBURGER IS DANGEROUSLY HOT! Why? Because of the Moruga Scorpion powder, we used to season the patties which are also made from specially fermented beef mince; The Moruga Scorpion pepper is on a 1 200 000 SHU! But that’s not all! Each burger layer is also seasoned with unbelievably delicious, sweet, and HOT sauce made from cherry, butter, and a handful of famous Dried Carolina Reaper! Ideally melted cheese and homemade bread buns will finish off the whole dish just right!

• Fermented beef mince
• Dried Carolina Reaper, Moruga Scorpion powder
• Cheddar Cheese
• .........See the full list of ingredients on our website: https://www.almazankitchen.com/recipes

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