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Ah, Asia and its cuisine… Beautiful and unbelievably delicious. Today’s recipe is Ping Gai Chicken, which is just a Laotian word for “grilled chicken”, but Asian recipe will not be an Asian recipe without spices, a lot of it! Just have a look at the ingredients list for the marinade and your brain will automatically “transmit” savory, hot and other strong tastes to your tongue receptors – this is the magic of spices! You see these beautiful hills in the background? Yes, this is Serbia! Reminds us of beautiful Abkhazia…. Oh, this Abkhazian Ajika will be just what we need for dipping sauce. We think you’re already tired of this text and heading down to watch the video or repeat the recipe… So just go on!

• 2-3 chicken breasts
• handful of peppercorns
• .........

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